Meet the Palliser team

Linda Schwartz Publisher

Linda's knowledge of Canadian music composition is rich. She was a founding executive member of the Manitoba Composers' Association, and was a member of several composer collectives in Winnipeg in the 1980s. Her compositions have been published and broadcast nationally; and she has composed numerous commissioned works for a variety of media from chamber and orchestral music to choral repertoire and electroacoustic soundscapes. Schwartz is first and foremost an academic, and has taught music theory, critical theory and aesthetic philosophy for more than 35 years, while serving in academic administration at various universities and colleges in British Columbia and Alberta. Currently the dean of Arts and Science at Ambrose University in Calgary, Linda continues to teach and pursue scholarly work in the philosophy of music, music theory and pedagogy, and creative interpretation. She is delighted to have the opportunity to promote the work of Canadian composers through Palliser Music Publishing.
Bronwyn Schuman Managing Editor/Client Relations

Bronwyn Schuman is a pianist with a broad range of interests, including solo performance, vocal collaboration, interdisciplinary collaboration, and theory. She studies piano under Edwin Gnandt in the BMus program at Ambrose University, where she is also studying literature in the BA English program. Bronwyn is the president and founder of the club, EPAD (The Experimental Performance and Arts Discussion Group) at Ambrose, in which students are encouraged to perform contemporary solo, collaborative, and often interdisciplinary works to promote thoughtful discussion of the arts. Bronwyn has also participated in several festivals, including Calgary’s Mountain View International Festival of Song and Chamber Music (2013-2016), and she recently studied vocal collaboration in German Lied at the Franz-Schubert-Institut in Austria in 2016. She accompanies several choirs, including the singing ensemble Revv52. Bronwyn teaches piano, voice, and theory, and enjoys promoting contemporary Canadian works for her students and other teachers through the work that she does at Palliser Music Publishing.
Richard Charter Composer Relations

Richard Charter is a Calgary-based musician, piano teacher and composer. He is currently pursuing his fourth year of studies in the Bachelor of Music program from Ambrose University, with an interest in further studies in composition and twentieth-century classical music history. Throughout his studies at Ambrose, Richard has established a wide portfolio of solo and ensemble performances, touring, and music leadership in a church context. The piano stands at the focal-point of his musical training, with composition as his deepest-felt musical vocation. He anticipates the opportunity to connect with both established and emerging composers wishing to share their works and passions in this community through the medium of publishing.