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Apology to Dr. Patrice Jégou-Oyelese:

Palliser Music Publishing is committed to promoting music by Canadian composers. It is our primary responsibility to protect and preserve the creative intellectual property of our composer affiliates. We extend this preservation and protection of creative and intellectual rights to all aspects of our publications, including scholarly writing about the music we publish. It has recently come to our attention that the critical notes of the score “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” by Srul Irving Glick (appearing in the 3rd edition of this work, published in 2015) infringed the copyright of Dr. Patrice Jégou-Oyelese and plagiarized her doctoral thesis. Palliser Music Publishing sincerely apologizes to Dr. Jégou-Oyelese for any harm that she has incurred as a result of this publication, and takes full responsibility for this unfortunate circumstance.

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At Palliser Music Publishing, our mission is simple but important: we are committed to preserving a legacy of Canadian music by publishing the best works of Canadian Composers, for a range of instruments and voice types.

Founded in 2015, Palliser Music Publishing specializes in publications of contemporary Canadian works for piano, strings, winds, and voice. This repertoire is intended for the development of young musicians and represents a wide array of styles and levels of technical complexity.

Representing more than 50 composers from across Canada, the catalogue contains several hundred selections, published individually and in collections that are ideal for teaching and performance.