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Songs for In BE Tweens, Book 2 ed. Roberta Stephen


“Butterfly” (Robert Schumann)

“Come, Let Us All This Day” (arr. J.S. Bach, pub. Gerog C. Schemelli)

“The Cradle” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“Cradle Song” or “Wiegenlied” (arr. Johannes Brahms)

“Das Kinderspiel” or “Children’s Play” (W.A. Mozart)

“Go to Sleepy” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“Grumble Too Much” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“I Got a Robe” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“The Nightingale” (arr. Johannes Brahms)

“Past Three O’Clock” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“Robin Redbreast” (Roberta Stephen)

“The Snow” (Carol Schieman Anderson)

“Suzy, Little Suzy” (Engelbert Humperdinck)

“The Wish” (Frederic Chopin)

Beginner Voice, Levels 1-5. Songs on RCM syllabus: “The Cradle” Level 1; “Come, Let Us All This Day” Level 4.