Canadian Art Songs for High Voice, ed. Phyllis Mailing


“Echo” (Thomas Schudel, text by Christina Rossetti)

“Green Rain” (Violet Archer, text by Dorothy Livesay)

“Item, to Yacum-tecum” (Barbara Pentland, text by Dorothy Livesay)

“Long Ago” (Jean Coulthard, text by C.P. Cavafy)

“Nocturne” (music and text by Allan Gordon Bell)

“Serenade” (John Beckwith, text by Colleen Thibaudeau)

Advanced Voice. For solo voice with piano. Songs on RCM syllabus: “Echo” and “Green Rain” Level 9; “Long Ago” Level 10; “Nocturne” ARCT. “Item, to Yacum-tecum” is from the opera The Lake about Susan Allison – the first white female settler in the Okanagan.