Canadian Art Songs for Low Voice, ed. Phyllis Mailing


“The Daffodils” (Violet Archer, text by William Wordsworth)

“Frame” (John Oliver, text by George Bowering)

“Everyone Sang” (Clifford Crawley, text by Seigfried Sassoon)

“The Owl” (Clifford Crawley, text by Osbert Sitwell)

“Quiet” (Jean Coulthard, text by Marjorie Pickthall)

Advanced Voice. For solo voice with piano. “Quiet” on RCM Level 9 syllabus. “Frame” is from George Bowering’s poetry collection In the Flesh, commissioned by Music in the Morning Concert Society. Includes a vocal line in the bass clef and a demanding piano part. “Quiet” has a rapturous affect with lovely triplet rhythms.

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