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Songs for In BE Tweens, Book 1 ed. Roberta Stephen


“Acadian Lullaby” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“Billy Boy” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“The Bird’s Carol” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“Brother, Come and Dance with Me” (Engelbert Humperdinck)

“Contentment” or “Die Zufriedenheit” (W.A. Mozart)

“Fairies” (Carol Schieman Anderson)

“How Brightly Beams” (Felix Mendelssohn)

“Ladybug” or “Marienwürmchen” (Johannes Brahms)

“Land of the Silver Birch” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

“The Spider’s Web” (Carol Schieman Anderson)

“To the Moon” or “An den Mond” (Franz Schubert)

“Two Little Kittens” (arr. Roberta Stephen)

Beginner Voice, Levels 1-5. For solo voice with piano. “Fairies” on RCM Level 3 syllabus. For classrooms/studios.