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Jean Coulthard Song Album for Medium Voice ed. Roberta Stephen


  1. “Cradle Song” (text by Padraic Colum)

  2. “Lean out of the window, Golden Hair” (text by James Joyce)

  3. “Violon de Villanelle” (text by Émile Nelligan)

  4. “When They Come Back” (text by Emily Dickinson)

  5. “Noise of Waters” (text by James Joyce)

Advanced Voice. For solo voice with piano. “When They Come Back” on RCM Level 10 syllabus. The tranquil “Cradle Song” is an invitation to the shepherds to see Baby Jesus. The merry and folk-like “Violon de Villanelle” is one of Two French Songs written for Bernard Diamant in 1972.