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Timely Tunes Times Eight by A.D. Perry, Dale Reubart, and Roberta Stephen


“Berceuse” (A.D. Perry) two celli

“Corrente” (A.D. Perry) two celli

“Danse espagnole” (Dale Reubart) cello & piano

“Marcia Giocoso” (Dale Reubart) two celli & piano

“Silver Seas Upon the Shore” (A.D. Perry) cello & piano

“Soft-Shoe Dance” (Dale Reubart) cello & piano

“Summer Evening” (Roberta Stephen) cello & piano

“Sunday Drag” (A.D. Perry) cello & piano

Beginner Cello, Levels 2-5. For one cello and piano, two celli and piano, or two celli. Songs on RCM syllabus: “Summer Evening” Level 3; “Silver Seas Upon the Shore,” “Soft-Shoed Dance,” and “Sunday Drag” Level 4. Includes score and parts.