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Whether you are looking for piano sheet music, vocal music, woodwinds music, or string music, we have something for everyone. Our collection celebrates everything that makes our country’s newest talent unique. It is perfect for music instructors and students as well as professional ensembles. We have partnered with more than fifty musicians across the country, and our collection of Canadian composers has been carefully curated by Dr. Linda Schwarz who has a Ph.D. in music and has published several pieces of her own. Shop our collection today.

Music in Every Style

Our library spans multiple genres and musical styles, from classical to more experimentative. We have music specifically written for child learners all the way up to adults in a variety of skill sets. Enjoy simple melodies or more complex ensemble pieces. All of our material is designed to help you grow and develop as an artist while meeting your goals with confidence. That is what makes our work popular among music teachers and students. We offer both single pieces and vast collections and are committed to affordable pricing while supporting some of Canada’s most talented composers. Our mission is to help great artists connect with passionate music lovers. 

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If you are looking for innovative and beautiful music to learn and perform, shop our selection today. We offer fast and affordable shipping to anywhere in the world and our materials are even available in some local retailers. Order yours today or find out where our music is sold.